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Hire and manage elite remote talent from 15,000+ vetted contractors & hundreds of development agencies on one platform.

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We save money and time for global companies


How does Naym work?

Find and hire contractors within days

Vetted compliance-ready talent pool

A network of 15,000+ trusted developers

100+ skill sets covered, including management

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Hire faster from hand-picked talent pool

Get available IT engineers in three days or faster. We’ve built a global talent pool, a sort of elite developer marketplace with closed access, to speed up the hiring for our partners.

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Leverage a network of agencies

Our international network include partners, hiring agencies and agents. They employ thousands of middle, senior, and lead level IT developers to cover any of your coding needs.

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Pre-vetted and compliance ready

Choose risk-free deals – our engineers have already met 45+ vetting parameters and underwent a mandatory security check.

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Silicon-valley benefits & perks coverage

Keep your business sustainable and fairtrade. Competitive coverage secures your contractors for the long-term without any extra cost.


developers across the globe ready to work on your projects


of clients are satisfied or very satisfied with Naym engineers


partners lined up to ensure the reliability and timely delivery

100+ skillsets in one place

Browse closed database of 3000 vetted developers with the most in-demand skills. Including but not limited to Java, React, Android, iOS, QA, Go, DevOps, and more.

How is Naym different?

Outstaff Company
Freelance Marketplace
Simple onboarding
Get up and running fast, with minimal paperwork
Automated expense reports
Receipts matched up to purchases automatically
Instant spending notifications
See when cards are used – right away
Flexibility and control
Enable or freeze cards with one tap
Use cards immediately
Get virtual cards that work right away

Full control of your remote workforce

Just few of the extra features within the product.

Flexible workflows

Work with your remote workforce in way you are used to work. We can integrate within any tracking system.

Trend reports and benchmarks

Watch for the latest hiring trends by your domain or vertical. Find out skills in-demand and compare your team's performance against industry benchmarks.

Payment streamline

All your developers' payments in one workflow: approve timesheets, send bills straight to your Finance department and get everyone paid on time.

People Partner

Our people partners ensure that the hired engineers onboard your team smoothly and stay happy. They will keep track of satisfaction levels and alert you early in case of need.

Growth friendly

Track your developers growth on projects and make your own rock stars. Apply for the rate reviews, grow your team and get new projects as you move on.

International payroll

One contract with Naym allows you to pay worldwide to all your dev’s without hiding any fees. Save your money and focus on your growth.

Get all your remote workforce in one place

Fill out the form and get developers in days, not months!

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NDA Protected. ZERO commissions. No hidden costs.