Diversity and Inclusion Policy

At the heart of Naym are the people, who make everything possible. Across the world employees share the same passion to live our purpose. Naym aspires to become a more diverse and inclusive company to reflect the diversity of our developers and clients. We consider diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) business critical, not a compliance necessity. We recognize that diversity is found in any social identity, such as gender, age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other attributes. Inclusion is the process of involving, accepting, and valuing all people in the workplace regardless of their differences and social identity. The Diversity & Inclusion Policy (the “Policy”) aims to describe Naym’s commitment to D&I, including specifying our ambitions, our approach as well as focus areas. As such it constitutes the basis for effective inclusion and diversity management throughout Naym and what we believe best supports our business and our people. This policy applies to the management and all employees in Naym


Naym's aspiration for D&I is anchored in four pillars, which guide our approach and support the integration of D&I into our core people processes, where relevant and possible. The four pillars are: Global Mindset, Diverse Talent Base, Inclusive Leadership, Equal Opportunities.



At Naym, we want to develop people with a global mindset, cultural understanding, and international experience. This to ensure that our organization stays agile and prepared for future growth. We aspire to provide exciting careers and opportunities for our employees. We strive to provide equal opportunity for development, addressing inclusive behavior, unconscious biases, and cultural understanding. Further, we aim to integrate more options for earlier career mobility to accommodate the personal life choices of our employees, and we utilize inclusive senior leadership role models to mentor and help accelerate the development of diverse high-profile talents.



We want to attract, develop and retain people with different perspectives, experience and backgrounds to support us in our strategic journey. Our focus on D&I is in this sense a necessary action for access to future, wider and more diverse talent pools.

To enforce, communicate, and share our inclusive culture and work environment, we will promote D&I via our Naym Employer Brand and associated activities. Also, D&I must be a natural element of any recruitment, hiring or selection activity in Naym. Our approach to D&I must be visible e.g. in all job ads posted, in our selection criteria, position short listings and employer branding activities. Further, we seek to leverage existing and new technology to de-bias job descriptions, screening and the decision-making processes. Both HR professionals and managers are trained in unconscious bias to curtail biased decisions and recommendations of candidates, and we require diversity balanced recruitment and appointment panels.



Inclusion is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth that drives creativity and inspiration. At Naym, we are committed to inclusive leadership where our leaders ensure that our people are empowered to be their best, professionally and personally. We will integrate core elements like unconscious bias and inclusive leadership into our leadership development offerings and leadership framework, we will promote inclusive leadership role models, and in general hire for inclusive behavior.



Naym aims to create equal access to opportunity regardless of social identity. Only by acknowledging and harvesting from different perspectives and experiences, will we gain competitive advantage and leverage the effect of diversity for business growth. This requires a focus on equal opportunity throughout the organization. Naym seeks to ensure all employees are paid fairly based on the external market value for the role, capabilities and performance, never gender or other attributes.



Our ambition is to foster an inclusive work environment, where diversity thrives in support of our strategic ambitions and priorities. Based on our D&I aspirations and the four pillars, we have defined a range of internal ambitions for the entire Naym. These ambitions will help guide our decisions, increase awareness and ensure focus.



Naym applies a programmatic and leader-led approach to attract more diverse applicants at all levels of our working process; identify and eliminate potential barriers to ensure equity in advancement opportunities and foster an inclusive work environment, where diversity thrives in support of strategic ambitions and priorities. As such, our priorities are reflected and integrated into our key people processes: Recruitment, Hiring & Selection, Platform Development.