Our manifesto

Hiring in IT can be simplified.
Good job – for good money.
We are the place where you tune into the remote hire and make life simpler. We only keep what is important and give everyone what they really want.
New normal is still unclear. Yet, we see the millions of new possibilities that new times bring, and we are not afraid to combine them into the new normal.
Do you still believe in the corporate cookies, company growth, educational allowance and loans coverage? We believed it, too, until a certain point. We surely have them, and even better than most others do. But that’s not the point.
The point is – we bring you a better outstaffing,
We have deconstructed it, cut out the extras and kept the essence.
We are a ready-made solution for hiring in IT. We overtook the search and the vetting. This made the whole process of hiring outstanding international teams ten-fold faster and easier for everyone involved.
Our main value is
no BS.
We value honesty, mutual benefits, flexibility and equality for everyone.
Find yourself
We are Naym, and we are basing on the fact that 2020 has changed the work forever.